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Weight Loss Testimonials

Holistic Living has been completely transformational in my life, both physically and emotionally. My “Gastric Sleeve” has improved my self confidence and motivation and I have a very positive image of myself. My whole family and I are all very happy.

Mrs. Alice K.Aged 36

Getting surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it was worth every shilling! I can’t believe how amazing I felt the days after surgery, and the two years following it. I feel 30 years younger and am at the prime of my life! I can walk the whole of Uhuru Highway without pain or getting out of breath. Dr. Shchukina is only a call or email away and is very prompt with her help and response.

Ms. R. ThomasAged 23

I had the Gastric Sleeve procedure and in one month the change in my weight was tremendous. I had diabetes type 1 and hypertension. I was on a high dose of insulin, 3 times a day and anti hypertensive medications.
In four months’ time I had lost 34kg and have stopped taking insulin and blood pressure medications. I feel fantastic and am loving life! I would recommend this surgery to whoever has struggled with their weight for a long time. I completely trust Dr. Shchukin. He is very professional and I see how much Holistic Living strives for quality in their procedures. I’m so happy they brought this to Kenya! It has saved me a lot of money and headache. I have never been so happy.

Mrs. J. O.Aged 62

I had always been quite big, even from an early age. In school, I was constantly bullied and made fun of because of my size. I heard about weight-loss surgery and the huge benefits that came from it, but it was only offered in India, Europe and America, and my parents did not want me to travel alone. When I found out that Holistic Living was doing the same procedures done overseas at a lower cost, I was so happy!! I convinced my parents and got the Gastric Bypass. I was 135kgs and now, one year later, I am 65kgs and have never felt more beautiful or healthy. I am infinitely thankful to Dr. Vladimir and Lyudmila Shchukin for all their support and wonderful work.
This has changed my life and I feel like I am finally living.

Mrs. J. WairimuAged 40

I had the Gastric Band done. It was completely painless and I got back to work in less than a week. I lost over 30kg within the first 5 months. I’m very satisfied.

Ms. E. ScottAged 25

My weight was 125 kg. I considered myself healthy, my only complaint was that I felt heavy. I had the Gastric Bypass procedure and now my weight is 75 kg and I feel very good. My son is a student in England, and he is severely obese at 130 kg. I told him clearly that I am taking him for the same procedure that I went through. He must understand that this is the disease that shortens life.

Ms. Faridah M.Aged 66

I was planning to go to India to have the Gastric Balloon procedure. I found out that Dr. V. Shchukin does the same procedure in Nairobi Hospital. I had the Gastric Balloon put in one year ago and have lost 25 kilos. It was removed after six months.
I want to put the Gastric Balloon again because I still need to lose 30 kilos. I am very happy with the progress, but am extremely determined to get to my ideal normal weight so I will get it again.

Mr. K. BangitAged 45

I needed to lose 21kg. I didn’t want to go through surgery, so I decided to go through the Medical Weight loss program with Psychotherapy and calculation of calories. I lost 15kgs.  I am very happy with MYSELF because in the past I had tried to lose my weight using various methods (dieting, exercises and medications) but nothing ever worked. Dr. Lyudmila has been very patient and I am very happy I came to her. My thoughts on food have started to change and I’ve stopped thinking about food in the obsessive manner I did before. My colleagues at work look at me in wonder, and my family has seen a massive change in my confidence and attitude towards life.
I never heard of her method before and had some reservations before undergoing the Psychotherapy, but it really has changed my whole mindset and the mindset of my whole family.
I never want to see my children go through all the things I went through. Because of my wrong eating habits, I was feeding them the same things and I noticed that my 6 and 10-year-old were becoming overweight. After going through the sessions with Dr. Lyudmila, I started feeding my children and husband correctly, and the whole family is so happy and energetic! My children are so beautiful and their weight has become normal and they look wonderful. This decision has changed the lives of my whole family. I don’t know how to thank Dr. Lyudmila.

Mr. P. JohnsonAged 55

2006, 12 years old: I was never able to lose my weight, and since I started Medical weight loss it had helped me a lot. I am grateful to Holistic Living for helping me.
11th April, 2012: Hello Dr. Shchukina, I am so sorry that it has been so long since I last talked to you but I’ve been so busy with school. I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my weight problem. I am now perfectly fit and well shaped all thanks to you. I hope I can serve as an example to all those out there suffering because of their weight. I now weigh 58 kg and feel great. Here is a picture of me of late.
Thank you for all your help. With love, Faith”.

Mrs. Nejri KamauAged 47

I tried many different methods for weight loss (in America, Canada, South Africa, Kenya) but my extra weight did not go. Since childhood my self-esteem was really low, in school children called me different names, and it was embarrassing for me to be obese and to hear those comments.
I started Medical weight loss in 2004 and within the few days I felt that I was already losing weight. I lost 25 kg and am comfortably maintaining the result for 3 years. I am very grateful to Dr. L. Shchukina. My life has completely changed.

Ms. Faith. L.

I was diabetic and on insulin with 120 units a day.  My weight was 140 kg and despite the high dose of insulin, my blood sugar was still high. My brother is a doctor and he said that without weight loss I wouldn’t be able to improve my health. I was also on a high dose of blood pressure medications. With my severe obesity, my only treatment option was bariatric surgery.
I did the gastric sleeve procedure and now I am 50 kg down. I am off insulin completely, I do not take any more diabetic or blood pressure medications, because my blood sugar is perfectly normal.”

Mrs. Betty. M.Aged 43

Bowel Irrigation/Detox Testimonials

In three days after the Digestive system detox, the unpleasant feeling in my stomach disappeared; I felt light and energetic and feel much healthier!

Mr. J. CollinsAged 50

I have struggled with digestion problems for very many years and recently, it reached an all-time high when I didn’t go to the toilet for almost 1 week. My friends recommended I do a detox with Holistic Living so I thought why not? Right after the procedure, I felt absolutely amazing! That evening, I went out to dance and have not felt so light in a very very long time. I go through the procedure a few times a month. I feel fabulous!

Mr. Joseph K.Aged 19

Surprisingly, before detoxification I could only take the stairs to the 5th floor but with difficulties. Only 3 days after detox, I could reach the 7th floor without any difficulties and without straining, but with pleasure!

Ms. Alice K.Aged 24

For the past 15 years I was taking medicine. After digestive detox, even the unpleasant smell from my mouth had disappeared and I cut down on my medicines. My energy level is much higher and I am much happier.

Mrs. A. N. Aged 58

After I was treated with antibiotics, I developed disbacteriosis with diarrhea. After Oral Hydrotherapy my bowels became normal and since then (already 4 years ago!) I do the procedure periodically.

Mr. Brian WilsonAged 77

One year ago after chemotherapy, I had three procedures of irrigation done, and by the end of the treatment, my blood parameters became much better. I had two more procedures done, and after that all my blood parameters became normal.

Mrs. M. JohnsonAged 39

After continuously using irrigation of the digestive system I noticed the dark spots on my skin had reduced and a significant reduction of the varicose veins on my legs.

Mr. Ian W. Aged 62

My daughter who came to visit me from overseas was surprised; in her opinion I become noticeably younger and more energetic. My own daughter, who is a health fan, also started practicing bowel hydrotherapy and is constantly dancing and very happy.
Thank you Dr. Lyudmila for bringing this great procedure to Kenya!

Mrs. C. WilliamsAged 80

Disclaimer: All the testimonials are each individual’s experiences. We do not make any guarantees, as results vary from patient to patient. They also depend on a number of factors, including weight before surgery, the presence of one of more co-morbidities and the changes made to one’s lifestyle after each procedure

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