Read a thank you note below.

Dear Dr Shuchukin, “I’m giving you a tool, to help you, and with that tool comes instructions. You follow them and you will see amazing results, trust me” were your words to me. and you were right, it is not only the surgery that will help you but the advice and rules you gave me.

I’ll start by saying, THANK YOU. You are a God sent Angel for me, you changed my life around, gave me hope, gave me a new lease on life. Your polite, friendly nature is so assuring even now and the first time I met you.
You assured me and gave me the best advice on what procedure I should have, and I followed your instructions step by step, and I’ve come along way from my overweight self to losing weight and looking and feeling great. You never hesitated to answer my questions which you answered so well and I was very comfortable to let you give me this amazing transformation I’m going through. you taught me how to live again.

The biggest thing you gave me back, that I wanted, was my happiness. I felt assured before my surgery and the care after I knew I was/am in good hands. you also gave my wife so much comfort and calmness whilst the procedure and after too. Also checking up on me after I was home, was an incredible gesture. You care for your patients a lot.
I came across you through social media, and I’m glad I did! your such a pleasant man to speak to you, a perfect surgeon in my eyes. your staff also are top-notch. I can’t believe my eyes when I see me before and now after! there’s a massive difference!