I am a 32 year old lady who gained 12.3 kgs last year due to a thyroid imbalance caused by hypothyroidism. For the last 12 years I have lead a very healthy lifestyle and train very hard at the gym 6 times a week. I was totally devastated by this weight gain as I have always been a very healthy 50kgs which is mostly lean muscle.

I was training very hard and watching my diet but the weight was very stubborn and would not budge. So I decided to go for a gastric balloon procedure. After a lot of research I found Dr. Shchukin at Holistic Living Kenya and went to see him. He understood my problem very well and agreed to go ahead with the procedure to help me lose the weight quickly and get out of the depression that I was stuck in.

The day of the endoscopy itself went vey smoothly and all the staff at his clinic were wonderful and positive. I was a little bit nervous but the doctor and his team made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about the whole thing.  I was in and out within an hour and a half with minimal discomfort from the procedure or anaesthetic. It was also a totally painless experience. The only negative experience I had was adjusting to the ballon during the first 3 days where I was extremely bloated and experienced slight nausea.


Thankfully the doctor was very accessible and I could reach him anytime on his mobile and he prescribed some medicines that eased my symptoms slowly but surely. By the fourth day onwards I hardly even noticed that there was a foreign object in my body and life was back to normal.

My appetite was much much smaller as I could only eat very small portions at a time and after a week I was training full scale on a maniacal level. Even with the limited food I still felt very energetic and was able to perform at the gym like I used to while eating much more. Within 3 months I lost all the extra weight and was back to my healthy 50Kgs where I felt comfortable in my body. I kept the balloon for a total of 8 months and maintained my weight at the 50kg.

I would very highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is looking to shed a substantial amount of weight within a few months with minimal discomfort. However I will add that this is not a quick fix, and after one loses the weight there is effort required to maintain the new weight and keep it down.

Holistic Living Kenya was a God send for me as I was so depressed about my weight that my life had almost reached a standstill. The doctor himself and his wife make a wonderful team and their staff are very well trained and helpful with anything one might need. The doctor is very accessible once you agree to the procedure and is happy to answer questions, deal with any problems and provide aftercare and support. 

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      holisticliving says:

      Hello Faith,

      You can now see all our prices on the home page of the website! The consultation is 4000Ksh, while the balloon price is 390,000Ksh. including both insertion and removal. Kindly give us a call or send us an email if you would like to know more!


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