Staying physically fit is one of the cornerstones of a happy life. If our body is in a fit condition, we are able to enjoy far more activities. And while exercise is crucial, unfortunately it is not enough if one wants to lose weight permanently – exercise must be combined with fitting diet, change in eating behavior, supplements, and in some cases surgery.

However, the question remains: is physical activity allowed before and after going through weight loss surgery?


The healthier the body on the day of the surgery, the faster and easier the recovery is going to become. Besides, since physical activity has the benefit of improving one’s mood and relieving stress, it can also be a great aid in coping with the fear possibly related to one’s upcoming surgery. Therefore, exercise is generally recommended before surgery – but it is not for everyone. How much and what kind of physical activity one’s body can cope with depends on fitness and weight – therefore, it is of paramount importance to follow your doctors’ recommendations. At Nairobi Bariatric Center, our doctors will give personalized advice on whether you should exercise before surgery, and if yes, what exactly to do.


  • If your doctor recommends weight loss before the surgery, then the primary aim of your exercises should be that
  • Cardiovascular exercises, such as long walks, can also be highly beneficial before surgery, since they improve your heart’s condition and thus your stamina
Exercise is very important – but each person’s body has different needs. Always consult your doctor to find the plan that’s the best at your weight!


After weight loss surgery, one needs to be careful with how much physical activity they take upon. While non-invasive and minimally invasive surgery do not require long hospital stay or home stay, that does not mean that everything can go back to normal straight away. The body needs time to heal and recover, as well as to get used to the new chapter in which it starts losing weight. However, in the long-term, physical exercise is highly recommended and necessary for maintaining one’s desired ideal weight.


  • The first physical activity which is recommended to resume post-surgery is walking: start with a few minutes a day and increase the distance you walk each day just by a little bit
  • Avoid heavy lifting for a minimum of 6 weeks after going through a bariatric procedure
  • Find an exercise partner who keeps you motivated to stick to your new routine

How much and what kind of physical activity one needs in order to sustain their weight loss goals varies per person. This is why at Nairobi Bariatric Center we offer post-surgery fitness & dietetics plans, customized for the individual’s needs. Different things work for different people and our clinic recognizes that.

Give yourself time to rest.
Sometimes you just need sit back and give your body time to recover.

Our Holistic Approach aims at harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit – and the right plan for post-surgery exercise is an essential factor from this view.

If you need help with finding the right plan for yourself pre- or post-bariatric surgery, or if you are simply interested in a personalized fitness & dietetics plan, please visit our page: Fitness & Dietetics.

Have you already undergone bariatric surgery? How did you experience physical exercise after? Share your experiences with others in the comments section below – we are curious to hear your thoughts!

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