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A Unique Method of “Psychological Correction of Eating Habits”

We invite you to explore our interactive sessions with the doctor, which focus on correction of poor eating habits to create a new, healthier lifestyle. For many people, poor eating behavior leads to the accumulation of extra weight, which they struggle to get rid of.

    Our doctors found that there are multiple root factors which cause people to become overweight or obese. These are Psychological, Social, Metabolic, Anatomical and Environmental aspects. Not addressing these factors simultaneously explains unsuccessful weight loss results using only diets, exercise, food supplements or slimming medications.

    The uniqueness of our treatment lies within approaching the person from a holistic perspective: as a psychological individual, as a biological system, and as a member of the community in which he or she lives.

    Our team of local and international medical doctors including physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, neurologists and surgeons have done extensive research in the field of obesity and created a unique approach to obesity treatment that addresses psychological, social, metabolic, anatomical and environmental factors.

    To address psychological factors associated with eating behaviors, we use High-Intensity Behavioral Interventions, specifically the method of “Psychological Correction of Eating Habits”, which was developed by Associate Professor I. Varaksin and Dr. L. Shchukina. This method of Integrated Psychotherapy is the integration of elements from different schools of psychotherapy in the treatment of overweight and obese clients. It is uniquely used only at Holistic Living, Nairobi and Slovak Clinic in Ukraine.

    “Psychological Correction of Eating Habits” helps patients to safely, smoothly, joyfully and confidently overcome psychological factors that lead to unhealthy eating habits, with the goal of developing a new, healthy, satisfying and sustainable eating style at the subconscious level. Practicing this method at Holistic Living for the last 20 years, we’ve seen an excellent response in terms of overcoming the psychological resistance to weight loss on the level of subconsciousness and achieving sustainable weight loss. We also advise regular follow-up visits until you achieve sustainable weight loss.

    All Inclusive Medical Weight Loss Program – Our Unique Process

    • Includes weekly face-to-face sessions psychotherapy with Dr. Shchukina over 3 months.
    • A monthly follow-up meeting with the doctor over 3 months to monitor your progress and to give support in your journey towards your ideal weight.

    One session of Lifestyle Coaching takes around 1 hour and clients can decide to schedule the weekly sessions.

    • Lifestyle Coaching is coupled with self-monitoring, such as keeping a food diary and provision of supportive natural nutrients. The first month’s supportive nutrients are included in the package.
    • Our clinic provides a medical, psychological and nutritional evaluation before tailoring your weight loss plan. Each client is taken through a complete medical check-up by the doctor to assess their current health or detect any complications due to obesity. The client may need to present their previous health reports (lab, X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) and the doctor may recommend carrying out additional tests.
    • Setting a realistic weight loss plan for you to achieve your healthy weight.
    • Analyzing the resistant factors in each individual case such as:
      • Psychological (using food to deal with boredom, overeating when stressed, eating for fun, food addiction, food temptation, subconscious eating stereotypes)
      • Social factors that manifest in the community
      • Metabolic and hormonal changes that are coursed by excessive accumulation of Visceral Fat in the body. Check your BMI and waist circumference.
      • Anatomical factors related to the expanded stomach resulting in the changed eating styles that cause obesity.
    • Helping a person to integrate a Physical Activity into their routine that is tailored to their needs, medical condition and capabilities.
    • Full course of psychotherapy supportive group session which includes audio sessions and two food diaries and lab test.
    • Medical examination by our doctor
    • Lab. tests: FH, Cholesterol Level, FBS, Urinalysis and Stool analysis
    • Weekly sessions with Dr. Shchukina for 3 months, out of which some will be group sessions
    • 8 months’ audio sessions course of Weight Loss Psychotherapy to listen at home to help you to continue with the therapy after finishing the 3 months of sessions
    • A metabolism stimulating meal plan
    • First month’s supportive supplements
    • Two food diaries

    With this therapy, most of our patients are able to lose 5-10 kgs per month.

    This all inclusive program costs Ksh. 66,000, including all weekly group sessions for 3 months.

    Medical Weight Loss Program – Starters package

    In case you have a tight schedule and you are not sure whether you can commit to the weekly group sessions, we can provide another option.

    The Medical Weight Loss starters package includes everything from the all inclusive package, except the group sessions. More precisely:

    • Introduction to calorie counting: learn how to self-monitor and how to keep a food diary. This package also includes one month’s supportive natural nutrients, which you receive during your first session.
    • Setting a realistic weight loss plan for you to achieve your healthy weight.
    • Full course of psychotherapy supportive group session which includes audio sessions and two food diaries and lab test.
    • One month supportive preparation

    This package  costs Ksh. 35,000. One is encouraged to still join for the group sessions when you can, for Ksh. 3,000 each time.

    The Effect

    The resulting subconscious change in eating habits occurs right from the beginning of your treatment.  Several unsuccessful attempts at losing weight may have left you discouraged. With this treatment, your worries and doubts will slowly fade away. You will become more confident with each day, knowing that you are on track with the right weight loss approach for you.

    Our clients develop healthy, easy-going and non-obsessive lifelong eating habits. This is the way to SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS.

    The goal is to lose weight in a right and healthy manner, achieving harmony within the body, mind and spirit. Based on our more than 20 years’ practical experience in both non-surgical and surgical weight loss methods, our team of qualified doctors is confident and dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal weight for a healthier, happier life.

    Our clients lose 5kg to 10kg per month!

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    Are you ready to change your life?

    Now it is time to contact us and let our medical doctors help you determine which of the methods mentioned here is the right one for you…

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