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Gastric Sleeve – A Very Effective Laparoscopic Treatment

If you have struggled to achieve sustainable weight loss after 6 months or more of dieting or exercise, then Bariatric Surgery may be your best weight loss solution.

Our aim at Holistic Living is to help you lose weight and keep it off! The goal is to create harmony within your mind, body and spirit. This is most effectively achieved by combining the Gastric Sleeve with sessions of Lifestyle Coaching to maintain your weight loss throughout your life.

The Holistic Living team strives for excellence in the safety and quality of all our procedures. We walk with you from your first consultation, monitoring your progress throughout and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Our doctors at Holistic Living require monthly follow up visits because we care about your health and weight loss results. We provide 24-hour support and direction for all our clients and their families, making sure to educate them before surgery, and to support them to follow the appropriate steps after surgery.

Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed using the Laparoscopic method via only a few small incisions in the abdomen, where a small camera and specialized instruments are inserted. This results in less pain after surgery, significantly fewer complications during recuperation, and a shorter hospital stay and recovery period.

Short-term studies have shown that the “Gastric Sleeve” is almost as effective as the Gastric Bypass in maintenance of weight loss and improvement or remission of diabetes, high blood pressure and other non-communicable diseases. Holistic Living’s Gastric Sleeve surgery costs are significantly lower than going overseas, as we aim to make the procedure affordable and accessible to all.

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How It Works

The Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (also known as “Gastric Sleeve”) is a bariatric procedure that returns your stomach to a normal size after it has been enlarged by years of previous eating habits. This ultimately reduces the amount of food that you can eat at any one time, leaving you feeling fuller on much less food, meaning the consumption of much fewer calories.

This procedure does not reroute or bypass any part of the digestive system. Essentially, it reduces the stomach’s size by using miniature titanic staples and making your stomach resistant to stretching.

After The Procedure

Because this is a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure, the Gastric Sleeve recovery simply requires an overnight hospital stay. To ensure the client’s safety, success and sustainable results, we help our clients develop healthy and enjoyable eating habits. Our Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Shchukin advises his clients to do monthly follow up visits to monitor your progress and evaluate your health after surgery.

We emphasize that whatever the intervention that is carefully chosen by you and your doctor, sessions of Lifestyle Coaching are essential for sustainable weight loss results.

We look forward to seeing you and your results!

The Effect

There are several ways this procedure works. First, the new sleeve stomach holds a substantially smaller volume of food than the previous enlarged stomach; this in turn leads to fewer calories being consumed. Secondly, the portion of the stomach that is removed is largely responsible for producing the hormone that sends signals to the brain that cause hunger. This hormone is called Ghrelin and without it the appetite is greatly reduced. Your stomach that is now the normal size creates resistance to excessive food, giving you a feeling of fullness for longer with a smaller amount of food. This results in a dramatic reduction of appetite and decreased frequency of physical feelings of hunger.

Requirements for the Gastric Sleeve

Current medical guidelines recommend Gastric Sleeve to patients under the age of 70 and with a BMI of 30, as it results in substantial improvements or complete recovery from Type2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Infertility, Arthritis, High Cholesterol, Back Pain and other obesity related diseases.

On average, people lose 5 to 10kg per month!

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