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Gastric Balloon – Fills the Gap between Dieting and Surgery

The implementation of a Gastric Balloon is a non-invasive endoscopic procedure (non-surgical) done quickly and painlessly, and it does not require overnight hospital stay. It is a great innovative way to achieve your weight loss goals.

Our aim at Holistic Living is to help you lose weight and keep it off! The goal is to create harmony within your mind, body and spirit. This is most effectively achieved by combining the Gastric Balloon with Lifestyle Coaching sessions for Psychological Correction of Eating Habits – an approach uniquely used only at Holistic Living. A combination of those two methods will help you lose weight comfortably and happily. It will allow you to eliminate obsessive thoughts about food, to enable you to maintain your weight loss results throughout your life.

If you have struggled to achieve sustained weight loss through diets or exercise, or you are preparing for Bariatric surgery, the Gastric Balloon could be for you. Studies have shown that people who included the Gastric Balloon treatment as part of their weight loss plan have greater success. Your long-term weight loss depends entirely on how well you follow our doctors’ advice, your psychotherapeutic plan, keeping your food diary, and your ability to adapt to your new, enjoyable and healthy eating style where there will not be a single categorically prohibited food.

It is a perfect combination of Gastric Balloon and our Life Style Coaching sessions that give you excellent and sustainable weight loss results.

Holistic Living offers the Gastric Balloon treatment at significantly lower costs than going overseas as we aim to make the procedure affordable and accessible to all.

How It Works

A soft expandable silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and filled with sterile water to take up space in your stomach. It is a temporary weight loss procedure whereby the balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months.

The Gastric Balloon is recommended for BMI 27 or greater.

This quick procedure can take as little as 10 minutes and you can return home after a few hours. The recovery is simply a day spent at home, although you may experience some nausea in the first week.

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The Effect

The balloon creates a feeling of fullness and you are satisfied after eating less. It helps control your hunger as well as reduce your portion sizes, which leads to consumption of fewer calories, and thus weight loss occurs.

Our clients lose 5 to 10 kg per month!

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