Obesity Africa conference, a pan-African platform will bring together 400 healthcare professionals, healthy living providers and other specialties in the area of overweight and obesity to educate on and discuss the increasingly prevalent health related effects of obesity, their impact on the continent, and measures to curtail the epidemic.
The forum will involve various medical specialties. Some of the areas of focus include the co-dependent relationship between diabetes & obesity, obesity and its effects on physical and mental health, diagnosis of obesity and associated health ailments, obesity and weight management, surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment, preventive approaches and policy interventions to counteract obesity and associated endocrine and metabolism disorders.
Obesity is an important cause of non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, infertility, heart disease, impotence and stroke. The impact of the continent’s obesity epidemic on taxpayers, health insurance providers, businesses, communities and individuals is massive. A large amount of money is spent on medical costs in treating obesity and obesity related non-Communicable Diseases.
Obesity Africa envisages bringing together leading academic experts, scientists, researchers and professors, both from industry and the academic institutes, from four continents onto a common platform. Discussions will focus on modern techniques, new technology and newly implemented drugs for the treatment of obesity and endocrine diseases. Attendees will have opportunities for exchanging ideas and thus contribute to the dissemination of knowledge.
Obesity Africa will be a two day meeting with a mixed format including didactic lectures, poster presentations, debates, case presentations and expert driven workshops including but not limited to dyslipidemia, diabetes, bariatric surgery , psychotherapy and fashion designed to create a platform for attendees to explore every aspect of obesity and diabetes management.
Obesity Africa will educate and update general practitioners, physicians, cardiologists, diabetologists, pulmonologists, bariatric surgeons, orthopedic specialists, nutritionists, nephrologists, anesthetists, surgeons and allied health professional, and other interested physicians involved in care of obese patients.

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