“I had my Gastric Bypass on the 24th of August. The surgeon was Dr. Vladimir Shchukin from Nairobi Bariatric Center. It was a good experience, since I knew him a lot has changed in my life. I came here when I was 108 kilograms and so far down the line, it’s 3 weeks now, I have lost 9 kilos, so to me it is a plus, a lot has changed.

I had high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic, I had a lot of very bad veins on my legs, and whenever I sleep, I used to snore a lot, but a lot has changed and to me right now, the most of those I have mentioned none is present, and I am still going on.

The most important thing I can stay that really helped me is the forecast with the diet. My lifestyle has really changed. Before, I used to eat a lot., I used to drink, I used to take a lot of sugars, but after surgery a lot has changed. Hardly can I take something with sugar because my body cannot sustain it. So, so far so good, I am happy.”

How did you find out about Nairobi Bariatric Center?

“First, I’m this kind of a person who loves online teaching. I’m an online guru. And through online, whenever I used to check on the weight loss, I came across Nairobi Bariatric surgery, and I found a form which I filled, and later I got a call from a lady called Florence. So from there we had a communication and I had to make a trip from Mombasa to Nairobi. That is where it all started.”

Before Bariatric Surgery, have you tried other weight loss methods?

“Oh yes, I tried to lose weight for so many years! I remember since 2005, when I got my first kid, at that time I was 67 kilos. Then I went up to 97 kgs. And after my first delivery I went to gym, I did a lot, with which I managed to go down to 75 kilos. I stayed with 75 kilos for quite so long, around 7-8 years, until I got my second born in 2013. That is when the challenge became even worse for me. But apart from the baby fat, what I would say is: lifestyle. Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.

And my climax weight is 115 kilos. So before I started following up on another way on how can I lose weight, I started going to the gym. I have done gym several times, I lose like 7 kilos, then after that I go back to my normal lifestyle. So yes, I tried to lose weight, in several ways, dieting, fat loss, lab, gymming, everything. I lose, but at the end of it, I come back.”

Now you are also starting your Medical Weight Loss program with Dr. Shchukina – how important is that?

“To me it will be important since I have already started the dieting after the surgery, so the program will help me sustain the weight that I want to live with in my life. So will have to stick with the program, I have to follow the guidelines, the pros and cons, because I have changed my life. So I have to stick with the program so I can sustain it!”

Would you recommend Nairobi Bariatric Center to others?

“Absolutely! And first of all it will be my son. Yes.”

Lilian before surgery, and 5 months after surgery
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