As the festivities are approaching, it is even easier than usual to get caught up in bad eating habits. To prepare for the holidays in the healthiest way possible, here are our top recommendations:

  1. Make room for veggies! 🥦

    While there are a lot of delicious foods at the Christmas feast like cakes and roast chicken, do not forget about fruits and vegetables! They can be perfect as side dishes or snacks.

  2. Avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach! 🥂

    It is tempting to start the celebrations with a glass of wine or beer. However, drinking before eating can really increase your appetite, and can result in overeating. Try to wait with the drinks until after a meal.

  3. Do not eat raw batter or dough! 🍪

    As you prepare to bake, it is very tempting to taste some raw batter or dough. However, especially pre-packed version may be harmful for your body – so eat only the cooked or baked final product instead!

  4. Be kind to your heart! ❤️

    Did you know that Christmas Eve is one of the peak times of heart attacks? Having too much fatty, oily, buttery food at once can be dangerous – try to be mindful of this, and have these foods in moderation.

  5. Stick to real food! 🐟

    The best thing you can do this festive season is cooking with healthy ingredients. Try to have lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, and try to avoid processed food like pre-packed cookies and potato chips.

We hope you will find these tips helpful. We wish you and your loved ones very Happy Holidays!

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