We’re facing some serious times. The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19 has changed our world and at Nairobi Bariatric Center we are complying with the recommendations made by the Ministry of health and WHO. We have closed our office to client traffic and opened the doors to bariatric telemedicine.

We are not seeing patients at the office but we are continuing to do bariatric telemedicine so that we can be engaged with our clients and continue the weight loss process.

During this stay at home period, now you may have time to pay attention to your health and kickstart your weight loss journey. Nairobi Bariatric Center has been extremely busy, but now with telemedicine, we can reach out to as many clients who are always thinking about their weight issue and often find it difficult to reach us. This is a great opportunity to have your consultation with a Guru in Weight Loss Treatment – Dr L. Shchukina, who will help you to select the most effective and sustainable weight loss plan. Tele-Visit Nairobi Bariatric Center, for a consultation with one of our doctors and start your weight loss journey. If weight loss has long been in your bucket list plans, take this moment to work on your healthy self. During your stay at home take care of your health, extra weight leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, heart diseases and many other diseases. We aim to help you to achieve a healthy weight, to recover from obesity complications and to improve your health.

Our bariatric clients have been in the process 3-5 months and we want to continue your journey to weight loss. We know there are a lot of questions and concerns but the key is to stay positive and focused on your weight loss journey.

It is currently recommended to practice social distancing and while doing so it is important to stay focused on nutrition for your physical and mental health.Making healthier choices gives you a healthier attitude and healthier weight control so you can feel and look great. The types of healthy choices you can follow during social-distancing are:

Nairobi Bariatric Center Manifesto of Losing Weight

1.You do not need to create a reason for weight loss Find a source of energy in yourself. Decide for yourself to start losing weight and do at least something for it – step by step on the way towards your target.

2.Any action creates resistance. So do not fall into radicalism. Do only what you can do. By making the system too you need to start losing weight now! Your “Tomorrow” will never come. If you are reading this, you have already taken the first step. Continue consistently to move forward and you will see results.

3.Stop blaming yourself for gaining weight. Whatever happens in our lives has cause and effect. The main thing is not what has happened in the past, but what you do now to rectify the problem and what you can achieve.

4.Our weight loss – is a matter of consistency and not willpower! If you fail to eat for several years and eventually lose 30 kg – then it would show the strength of the willpower. But with this method you are allowed to eat everything! Just follow the rules that are recommended, it is not difficult, especially when you get used to it. Maintenance of normal weight is also very easy.

5.Even if some days you want to eat more, it is normal. The hormonal profile has a great influence on a woman’s body, which is strict, you
may start to lose weight faster, but the weight which is reduced under stress will come back very quickly. Lose weight without hunger and do not stress your cells!

6.Do not expect quick results. You did not gain the weight in one day, so be prepared to lose it gradually.

7.Do not set unreachable targets and do not push yourself to a strict time frame. The body itself determines how much you can lose at this stage of life. It is just that your conscious imagining and possibilities of your body might be different.

8.Stop telling yourself “I will not make it.”  You can make it. Even if you lose, say 15 kg instead of your target of 20 kg -you’ll look better in any case. When you say “I cannot,” your weight will not change! It will reduce only because you take some action.

9.Any problem can be solved! Think about how your life will change, and how easier you will be moving without excess weight. When you lose weight in the right way, your skin will not lose its elasticity and beauty.

10. Many people will not believe in you. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by your family or friends. Follow the intended path. Believe in
yourself – this is the most important thing. Believe particularly in yourself, but not in the results. Results will come as a result of work and faith.

11. Love yourself the way you are. If you have added weight, it does not mean that you are bad. It is an opportunity to correct the situation – nothing
else. No need to accuse your reflection in the mirror – it will not help the process of weight loss; rather it may worsen the problem.

12. If a person wants to do something, he will find 100 possibilities to do it; an unwilling person will look for 100 reasons not to. Keep this in mind in case you find yourself looking for reasons not to start losing weight and to get the result. Put your reasons aside and continue.

13. Feel the joyful lightness from weight loss; knowing that particularly this feeling is the reminder and manifestation that you are losing weight.

14. See yourself different from those who accept themselves to remain obese, view you right, far-seeing and wiser.

15. People who jog in the morning feeling a sense of correctness, pride and uniqueness. The same with you- with getting the normal weight and the right eating habits, you feel better than those who chosen to remain obese.

16. Reward yourself for progress. When you succeed to lose weight and see the weighing scale’s arrow moving down, appreciate yourself by buying something beautiful -a visit to a concert or a relaxing procedure. Focus on an image of yourself slim and youthful and add to this image, bright eyes, flirty and ease in your movement and communication.

17. Celebrate with joy, new changes in you that improve your life and your appearance, bearing in mind that what is more important during fishing is not the fish itself, but the skill and the process of fishing. Review yourself and keep fit and in excellent shape.

And move towards victory, to your forever harmonious and slender body!

It is important to stay positive and know that you are not alone. We are all in this together and we will get through these challenging times. If you need help meeting your weight loss goals Nairobi Bariatric Center would love to help.

To getstarted on your weight loss journey visit our contact page and leave us a message. Our team of certified weight-loss professionals at Nairobi Bariatric Center has helped people just like you lose weight. Your weight goal is closer than you think and you don’t have to wait for Corona Virus to end to start working on it.

Telemedicine Breakthrough during the (COVID-19) times

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