Losing weight is a hard task, and arriving at the decision to start losing weight is the hardest. It can be a long process and one needs to put a lot of work into it. This is why many people may decide that they want to turn to weight loss pills instead: they want a fast, effortless, and preferably cheap solution. 


However, choosing this path is filled with risks and obstacles. We have collected the main reasons why it is not a good idea to take weight loss pills:

1. There is no guarantee

Since weight loss pills can be purchased even online, there is simply no guarantee that what you receive is actually what you wanted. It is rather easy to sell counterfeit products online, which makes it difficult to find reliable suppliers, especially for products like weight loss pills which target those who feel insecure about their weight and want a quick fix.

2. It is a short-term solution

Most of those who struggle with being overweight or obese have put on their excess weight over the years. Therefore, one cannot expect to shed weight within weeks which actually took years to build up. Furthermore, even if the pills help you lose a few kilos, once you stop, the weight will just as easily come back.

3. There are countless possible side effects

The most important reason why one should not take weight loss pills is the high number of side effects they have. Depending on the type of weight loss pill, the side effects can include nausea, dizziness, sweating, restlessness, headache, digestion issues – just to mention a few. 

If someone takes these pills in too high doses, or take them when they have a normal weight or are underweight, the side effects can become even worse.

4. More expensive than it seems

Weight loss pills may seem like a faster and cheaper solution than surgical weight loss, for example. However, as previously mentioned, they can only offer a short-term solution (with no guarantee) and can result in numerous side effects. All these mean extra costs and no long-term solution – so at the end, it is money out the window.

5. Pills won’t change habits

Last but not least: weight loss pills will not change bad eating habits. Long-term weight loss requires a complete change in lifestyle, which includes healthy eating habits, exercise, commitment. Without these, no weight loss can be sustained.

This is exactly why we recommend all of our patients to follow our Medical Weight Loss program, which focuses on adjusting eating habits to a healthier lifestyle. We recommend patients with a BMI of 25-27 follow the program, and those patients who may require Gastric Balloon, Sleeve, or Bypass to follow the program in combination with their surgical weight loss procedure. Studies have shown that this combined, holistic weight loss approach can provide the most sustainable weight loss results – and certainly work better and more safely than any pill.

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