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The Best Weight Loss Programs in Kenya

On the journey of weight loss, we often go through a myriad of options all from different sources – some from internet research, some from concerned family and friends, some good and others not so good. For people who are overweight, one must make very informed decisions when it comes to shedding that extra weight. I firmly believe that health is the major priority in considering any weight loss procedure, more so if one has a high body mass index (BMI). Body mass index is a widely accepted way of measuring whether one’s weight is healthy for their height. The figure derived from BMI calculations is usually used to classify weight depending on which range the value falls in. Therefore, doing what is safe and secure is paramount whenever it involves one’s health.

The Nairobi Bariatric Center

And on that note allow me to introduce the safest and lasting weight loss options that are all available under one roof right here in our beautiful country of Kenya. At the Nairobi Bariatric Center, where highly qualified bariatric doctors and modern medical equipment come together with a holistic approach to weight loss, give their patients access to these safe weight loss procedures. We can divide them into 2 categories: invasive and non-invasive procedures. As the category’s name suggests, invasive procedures refer to types of bariatric surgery whereas non-invasive procedures refer to those weight loss options that don’t involve surgery.

Non-Invasive (non-Surgical) Weight Loss Procedures

Let’s first delve into the non-invasive weight loss options offered by commencing with the least invasive of all the procedures, psychotherapy. It primarily focuses on the correction of poor eating habits so as to create new healthier and sustainable lifestyles. More often than not, these poor eating habits that many people develop are what usually lead to the accumulation of extra weight that can lead them to be either overweight or obese. Their highly qualified doctors found that there are multiple root factors that play a part in causing people to become overweight and obese. They include psychological, social, environmental, anatomical and metabolic factors. By approaching all these simultaneously with a step-by-step holistic perspective, they can help people develop these healthy lifestyles.

Now we can take this chance to look at bowel irrigation and the gastric balloon procedure. -What is bowel irrigation? Glad you asked! Unlike the others, bowel irrigation is not a weight loss procedure but rather a detoxification procedure that allows your digestion to start fresh. It is a non-surgical oral procedure where detoxification of the digestive system is done for the purpose of eliminating toxins and allergens as well as cleaning the entire digestive system. This option is offered as a treatment procedure as well as a preventative method for healthy people who care for their physical and psychological health. It is a very simple procedure that is done in a comfortable self-contained room, where you are supposed to drink 200ml of warm saline solution at 5 minute intervals to achieve the desired irrigation effect in the bowels.

The gastric balloon procedure on the other hand is an endoscopic procedure that often serves as an alternative to weight loss surgery, more so for patients who have not committed to surgical interventions in the journey to lose weight. An intragastric balloon is inserted into the stomach quickly and painlessly to partially fill the stomach and induce weight loss through increasing satiety, delaying gastric emptying and reducing the food eaten at any meal thereby facilitating the loss of Weight.

Invasive ( Surgical) Weight Loss Procedures

There are two procedures that I am yet to mention. Both these procedures are types of bariatric surgery namely, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve surgeries. These weight loss surgeries are meant to help people who are obese or overweight with health complications to lose weight, thereby improving their health. The gastric sleeve surgery for one, is a minimally invasive procedure that is meant to induce weight loss by physically reducing food intake. In this surgery, approximately 75% of the stomach is removed therefore restricting food intake by inducing satiety. Since the stomach can fit much less food, calories consumed are greatly reduced, hence inducing weight loss.

The gastric bypass surgery is slightly more invasive but still very effective in aiding people to lose weight. This weight loss surgery causes one to lose weight by restricting the amount of food eaten and reducing the amount of absorbed calories in the food you eat. Here, the stomach is divided into two, an upper “small pouch” and a bigger “remnant stomach” through which food will no longer pass. The upper pouch is directly connected to a part of the small intestine, bypassing the remnant stomach. The stomach now can only handle small amounts of food resulting in restricted food intake and loss of weight. As you can see for yourself, truly the best weight loss programs in Kenya. To get more information to help you make a decision, you can visit

We will continue guiding you through everything weight-related.

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