When Jedidah came to Holistic Living she had been struggling with weight for 9 years.

It never occurred to her that her health was dwindling. She had been a big girl since her childhood years.

A while back Jedidah began experiencing back pains. These became more painful and frequent.

She visited various hospitals around Nairobi and finally was advised to lose weight as part of her treatment. Her over-the-top weight was the cause of her back problems; interfering with a backbone disc.

Jedidah was initially reluctant. She had tried dieting for years. She had also tried exercises – walking daily – with very little success.

But she still needed to lose weight. Her first instinct was to travel to abroad and have a gastric bypass surgery done. However, her friend, David from one of the Medical Center in Nairobi, seeing how Jedidah was suffering, recommended that she visits Holistic Living Clinic foe Medical Weight Loss.

The thing with Jedidah is that she didn’t believe that such advanced procedures would be available here in Kenya. She also doubted the competence of Kenyan doctors to do a good job.

Jedidah, through advice she received at Holistic Living, decided to have a Gastric Sleeve Procedure. Two weeks after the Bariatric Surgery Jedidah had already lost 6kgs. Within a month she lost another 9kgs.

With every Kilogram she lost the pain in her back subsided. She then stopped using her crutches.

Jedidah is now happy. Right now the only trouble she has is so many friends asking what she did to realise such weight loss.

Jedidah’s story is a reminder to us Kenyans who are skeptical about our own institutions that you really don’t have to travel overseas for treatment.

Obesity treatment is available in Kenya. Call us, message us, and send us an email… or just come over to our offices at Fifth Avenue Office Suite, Ngong Road.

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