I have always dreamt of losing more weight. Have stopped dieting and not sticking to a system I was given on Slim Possible Season 5 in 2014. I was supposed to exercise every day: Morning and Evening. Who doesn’t like breaking rules? And I decided to continue having fun with food. And it was very dangerous!

I really wander: “Will I ever get help with this weight? What is my choice to discipline this Monster called OBESITY?”

I need something that doesn’t take a lot of my time, like going to the gym and torturing myself with enormous exercises. It was giving me a back pains and I was getting tired of it. But I still I continued, because I had no other options and I really wanted to lose weight. I need to be healthy and to be ideal for my height.

Now my mindset has changed.

Now I am ready to face obesity and to accept weight loss treatment.

Come along with me, let us enjoy Holistic Living with healthy and sustainable weight!

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