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“I have been struggling with weight for a long time and because of my weight I developed Diabetes. I could not move with ease and I had become dependent on Insulin Injections. My sugar levels moved to 29 and could only reduce to 17 being the lowest. I used to have 24 units of insulin in the morning, 9 – during lunch and 13 units at night… My life had become a Nightmare.

My diabetologyst and my nutritionist told me that before anything else, I needed to lose weight. I had planned to have a bariatric surgery, “secretly”.

So I went to the Holistic Living Clinic – and had the Gastric Balloon, which was inserted endoscopically. From 140kgs I went down to 112.

No more injections for me and I only take 1 tablet of Galvasmet per day. In addition to this, I can now do light exercises and I can even wear heels. To me this the Great Improvement…

I can proudly tell you that the next time we meet I will be right here in bikinis just slim and posing for photos.”

Welcome to Holistic Living and you could be our next Success Story!

In medical circles, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is also known as the sleeve gastrectomy and it has quickly become a popular choice for patients and doctors alike seeking excellent weight loss in a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require the long-term maintenance. This is where it get its moniker the Gastric “Sleeve and leave”.  Another reason a patient may opt for the Gastric Sleeve is the positive effect it has on eliminating hunger, thus making the weight loss journey much easier to cope with.  In the United States, research showed that the hunger producing hormone Ghrelin was significantly lowered after Gastric Sleeve because the area of the stomach in charge of the hormone Ghrelin significantly reduced.  To understand this we must look at the effects of obesity on the stomach.  As the degree of obesity increases, the likelihood of binge eating also increases and may help explain why the stomach capacity of the morbidly obese is so large. Of course, the Gastric Sleeve treatment for obesity is all about reducing the stomach capacity back to the normal size and this results in significant weight loss. It is true that dieting can also reduce the stomach capacity, but it is not as effective as the Sleeve procedure in the long-term because many diets are just not sustainable.

There are still more reasons that patients go for the Sleeve:

  1. Relatively short operating time and 1 -2 days hospital stay
  2. It maintains the normal physiological passage of the food
  3. It does not require any adjustments in the long run
  4. The usual weight loss is about 5-10 kg per month
  5. It gives excellent weight maintenance in the long run (in contrast to dieting).

Guess what?  Not only patients like this treatment – your surgeon does too!  Surgeons want you to be successful because they care about your health.

After you commit to the Gastric Sleeve treatment as your choice solution for weight loss you do not need to be apprehensive about what lies ahead.   This is a minimally invasive, very straightforward procedure with low complication rates – similar to if you were having your appendix taken out.  After you wake up from the quick procedure, the doctors will be managing your pain very well and you will only have a short stay at the hospital before being released to go back home to heal comfortably.

The early weight loss you will experience in the first 6 to 12 months after the Gastric Sleeve procedure should be very encouraging.  Gastric sleeve patients can lose up to 60% of their excess weight from the surgery alone but we at Holistic Living aim to help you lose 100% of the excess weight until you reach your ideal weight.  We work with you to achieve this by combining life coaching with the surgery so that any unhealthy eating habits are corrected and you learn how to eat for your optimum health vitality.  There will not be categorically prohibited foods that you aren’t allowed to eat! Compared with having procedure overseas, with Holistic Living, you will enjoy consistent follow up visits with our multidisciplinary team made up of a surgeon, psychotherapist, physician, dictation, physical therapist and fitness coach.

So, there you have it.  The Gastric Sleeve is not a procedure to be afraid of – obesity is a far more scary disease to live with.