A Unique Method

Through extensive years of research and experience, Holistic Living has developed the best Weight Loss Solutions currently available in the world.

We do not restrict the amount of food that one eats, nor do we promote any weight-loss pills, exercising, or any types of fad diets in order to lose weight.  Our fact-based method is a matter of consistency and not willpower!  By following our recommended advice, it is not difficult to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.


Fit & Healthy is the New Beautiful

A nutritious, well-balanced diet, along with physical activity, is the foundation of good health. The nutrients in the foods you eat support the activities of day-to-day living, protect your cells from environmental damage and repair any cellular damage that might occur.

Fitness is an important component to a healthy lifestyle because a person who is fit is capable of living life to the fullest.

At Holistic Living, we offer fact-based solutions in a personalized one-on-one setting taking each person step-by-step until they achieve their desired weight.


Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) includes a variety of procedures performed on people who have obesity.  The U.S. National Institutes of Health recommends bariatric surgery for obese people with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 40, and for people with a BMI of at least 35 with serious coexisting medical conditions such as Diabetes.


This surgery is performed using the Laparoscopic method via only a few small incisions in the abdomen where a small camera and specialized instruments are inserted.  This results in less pain after surgery, significantly fewer complications during recuperation, and a shorter hospital stay and recovery period.

Short-term studies have shown that the Sleeve is almost as effective as the Gastric Bypass in maintenance of weight loss and improvement or remission of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure…


Gastric Bypass, also known as “Roux-en-Y”, is the most common weight loss surgical procedure performed worldwide. It is a Laparoscopic procedure, with only a few small incisions in the abdomen, whereby a small camera and specialized instruments are inserted.  This results in less pain after surgery significantly fewer complications during recuperation, a shorter hospital stay and shorter general recovery periods.


If you have struggled to achieve sustained weight loss through diets or exercise, or you are preparing for Bariatric surgery, the Gastric Balloon could be for you.  Studies have shown people who have included the Gastric Balloon treatment as part of their diet and exercise weight loss plan have greater success…


The Gastric Band is a very good option for people who want a reversible treatment because the anatomy of the stomach is not altered in any way and it has a swift recovery.  It is a highly successful, safe procedure with the least amount of risks.  Holistic Living offers the Gastric Band at a significantly lower cost than going overseas as we aim to make the procedure affordable and accessible to all…


Detoxification of the body is an oral procedure of hydrotherapy of the whole digestive system from the mouth to the colon for the purpose of eliminating toxins and allergens from the body.

In our practice, we offer Detox in Kenya and East Africa for the sick, as well as healthy individuals in a preventative approach for people who care about their physical and psychological well being.

Digestive System Detox is recommended for revitalization of the whole body and the treatment of Digestive System Disorders such as Gastritis, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Constipation, alleviating Allergies, etc…


If you suffer from back pain, you are far from being alone; 4 out of 5 adults experience the symptoms of lower back pain at least once in their lifetime.  If you have a sports injury our Doctor will identify it, provide treatment and advise on rehabilitation, exercises, and more.  We first aim to use conservative methods of treatment before surgery is explored as a final option…

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