I try to act like being overweight is cool and that I’m not worried about the risks and diseases that come with it. Every now and then, when I get motivation to lose weight, I wake up, go jogging, maybe hit the gym and when I’ve had enough, post pictures with the gym equipment just for likes on Instagram from people I’ve never even met! I know, this is not the best program for losing weight. I must admit though, it’s a pretty good ego boost- but only to a certain point.

Is being fluffy/curvy/thick/plus size, all the terms people use to avoid saying ‘overweight’, what I really want? I hate it when people troll me in public. Their giggles get to me. My weight loss journey has been a real struggle. In my high school years, I was often the biggest among my age mates. It bothered me on the inside, but on the outside I was, and still am, usually the center of attraction because of my sanguine personality.

The idea of getting the gastric sleeve has been burning in my brain, but I fear it may be far beyond my reach. I currently weigh 107 kilograms. I have everything to lose so I need to get on an effective weight loss program as soon as possible.

My loved ones are terrified at the thought of me going under the knife, but if this is the one shot I have to save myself from chronic illnesses like heart disease, we must look at the bigger picture. What if it works? My struggles with weight loss will be over and I will be the happiest lady in the entire world.

Now that I know a way how to lose the weight and keep it off, I must do it. This is a personal decision to bring back the black Mercedes (my very appropriate nickname). I want freedom from this monster called obesity. I want to be able to wear a swim suit and not hide under a towel. I want to be able to take full body photos, not to hide behind selfies- and all the things that people with regular healthy weight can do.

My journey to effective and lasting weight loss begins here.







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