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It is often difficult, if not impossible, to truly understand someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Perhaps this is why other people’s stories of triumph are as inspiring as they are, especially when you are fighting similar battles. If you have ever struggled with your weight, you know just how frustrating it can be. Sharon is one young lady who understands weight loss struggles all too well. She shares her journey in a few words.

“I have been struggling with my weight since high school. I went on all sorts of diet and exercise programs trying to lose the weight and keep it off, all in vain. At the very most, I would lose about 5-10 kg, but I would gain all of it back before I had a chance to even enjoy it.

My wake-up call came when my mum died. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I have a genetic predisposition to obesity and its complications. My doctor told me that the only option I had to avoid a similar, tragic fate was to lose the weight.

I always knew that medical weight loss procedures were only done overseas, so I was very surprised to learn that there are doctors here in Kenya who perform these surgeries. Given how unsuccessful I was trying to lose weight using other conventional methods, I felt that this was the best way for me to go. After consultation with the doctor, I chose to have the gastric sleeve.

In 3-4 weeks after surgery, I was able to have light meals, mashed potatoes at the very most. A while after that, I was able to have ugali (corn meal dish) and even nyama choma (roast meat).

My weight loss has boosted my confidence, self-esteem and it has improved my social life. Shopping for clothes has become a much more pleasant experience. It’s great to be able to go out and get trendy outfits that actually fit me. Of course, I’ve noticed several health benefits as well. I walk comfortably without getting tired, I can go up a flight of stairs without losing my breath, and I get to play with my son a lot more than I would before, all thanks to Holistic Living.


My name is Mariam Saadian, I’m 41 years old.

After having my baby, I put on a lot of weight and struggled to shed the extra kilos. I felt so heavy and was uncomfortable with my body, so I tried all the weight loss remedies out there. Slimming tea, pills, walking and jogging, you name it, I tried it. With all this in vain, I decided to take the step of going through with weight loss surgery. I scoured the internet for weight loss such weight loss procedures in Kenya and that’s how I found Holistic Living.

I paid a visit to the doctors at Holistic Living and after a comprehensive consultation, I chose to have the gastric balloon. The only challenge I had after the procedure was vomiting, but it lasted only a few days immediately after surgery and my body quickly adjusted.

It has been six months now and I have never felt this good and this light my whole life. When I started the weight loss program, I was 106kgs. Right now, I weigh 85kgs and I’m so happy about it. I feel youthful and energetic once again. I can now put on clothes which never used to fit me, and I feel more confident than ever.

I would like to tell everyone out there who is struggling with their weight to look no further. Holistic Living is the place to go. The doctor takes good care of you before and after the procedure and during your follow up appointments as well. He is also just a phone call away, and regardless of the time he will be ready to respond to you.

Come to Holistic Living and I promise you, you will not regret it.

Worded by Emma Mochechu.

Written by Tasha

It is often believed that overweight people are lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated and good for nothing. This is simply not true. Sharon had been struggling with her weight since she was in high school. She tried everything from exercise, slimming pills, and even the Atkins diet, but was still unsuccessful in her weight loss.

Sharon wasn’t the only one in her family to struggle with excess weight. Weight-related complications and diabetes led to her mother being admitted in hospital many times. During her last admission, she spent two months in the ICU, after which Sharon’s mother died.

Through doctors’ consultations, Sharon learnt that the only way to prevent diabetes and its complications is to get rid of the extra weight. So, she continued with her journey to a healthy weight. An essential part of this journey was to analyze her own situation, considering previous unsuccessful attempts to get sustainable weight loss using conventional methods such as diet plans, food supplements and exercise. Sharon finally understood that Bariatric Surgery would be the only effective solution for her.

She ventured online in search of surgical weight loss solution for weeks on end, and all she found was that this and other medical weight loss procedures are done in Thailand, Malaysia and India. Sharon was both surprised and relieved to later learn that there are weight loss doctors in Kenya who specialize in and offer Medical as well as Surgical Weight Loss solutions.

This was an exciting discovery for her. She could finally get a lasting weight loss treatment without incurring additional travel costs. Her research online also showed her that the procedure would be more expensive overseas than in Kenya. Ultimately, Sharon chose to have the Gastric Sleeve.

All medical tests and evaluations were done before admission.  It was laparoscopic procedure and Immediately after the surgery, Sharon was comfortable and only had minimal pain and small, almost invisible scarring on the stomach of about 1 cm. She was discharged one day after the Sleeve procedure was done and walked out of the Nairobi Hospital with a big smile on her face.

A short while later, the food cravings she had before reduced. She continued with regular follow-up visits with her weight loss doctor who was easily available to her at his clinic as well as on telephone calls.

It’s been two years since Sharon had the weight loss surgery and now she has a perfectly healthy BMI of 22.

“This is the thing I thank Holistic Living for: it shows that they are not just after money but after the person’s health improvement. They have time to take good care of their patients” she said.

Interestingly, when someone asks Sharon how much she spent on her weight loss surgery, she usually gives this answer: “If you compare the amount money which my family spent on my mother’s last admission, while trying to do everything possible to save her, with the cost of the weight loss surgery, it’s just a peanut”.

Sharon continued, “this process has boosted my confidence a lot and changed me a lot, I love myself more. I am happy that I am out of danger of developing diabetes. I am more comfortable with my size and no longer ashamed.

Thank you, Holistic Living. I’m forever grateful.”

“I have been struggling with weight for a long time and because of my weight I developed Diabetes. I could not move with ease and I had become dependent on Insulin Injections. My sugar levels moved to 29 and could only reduce to 17 being the lowest. I used to have 24 units of insulin in the morning, 9 – during lunch and 13 units at night… My life had become a Nightmare.

My diabetologyst and my nutritionist told me that before anything else, I needed to lose weight. I had planned to have a bariatric surgery, “secretly”.

So I went to the Holistic Living Clinic – and had the Gastric Balloon, which was inserted endoscopically. From 140kgs I went down to 112.

No more injections for me and I only take 1 tablet of Galvasmet per day. In addition to this, I can now do light exercises and I can even wear heels. To me this the Great Improvement…

I can proudly tell you that the next time we meet I will be right here in bikinis just slim and posing for photos.”

Welcome to Holistic Living and you could be our next Success Story!


When you think about a fat girl you cannot imagine what emotional stress I undergo. Some might think it is not such a big deal.

I have to use a public transport to work every day and seat close to the door so that I do not have to stress about moving in between seats that have been structures for tiny people.

People   look at you like the only thing you can achieve is eating food, being a fashion lover and some of the beautiful trends have to pass me by. I love clothes that are only up to size 12 yet I am a size 18. I have to deal with the pressure of having a particular fashion in the name of hiding the shame of being fat.

Rumor has it that if one wears black clothes they seem tiny;90 per cent of all my clothes are black, blue or grey so that I do not draw attention. It is depressing; when I hang out with my buddies I look like a mum.

My weight turned me into a zombie. If I am not going to work, I will not go anywhere because it makes me feel unequal to others and nearing death.

Without motivation and drive I cannot go too far in achieving my goals.” I can freely say I have tried slimming pills, gym; jogging, running; but still growing big”. I need help I do not want to be mocked. “Is there a way that I can be helped? I need a lasting solution”


I have always dreamt of losing more weight. Have stopped dieting and not sticking to a system I was given on Slim Possible Season 5 in 2014. I was supposed to exercise every day: Morning and Evening. Who doesn’t like breaking rules? And I decided to continue having fun with food. And it was very dangerous!

I really wander: “Will I ever get help with this weight? What is my choice to discipline this Monster called OBESITY?”

I need something that doesn’t take a lot of my time, like going to the gym and torturing myself with enormous exercises. It was giving me a back pains and I was getting tired of it. But I still I continued, because I had no other options and I really wanted to lose weight. I need to be healthy and to be ideal for my height.

Now my mindset has changed.

Now I am ready to face obesity and to accept weight loss treatment.

Come along with me, let us enjoy Holistic Living with healthy and sustainable weight!

When Jedidah came to Holistic Living she had been struggling with weight for 9 years.

It never occurred to her that her health was dwindling. She had been a big girl since her childhood years.

A while back Jedidah began experiencing back pains. These became more painful and frequent.

She visited various hospitals around Nairobi and finally was advised to lose weight as part of her treatment. Her over-the-top weight was the cause of her back problems; interfering with a backbone disc.

Jedidah was initially reluctant. She had tried dieting for years. She had also tried exercises – walking daily – with very little success.

But she still needed to lose weight. Her first instinct was to travel to abroad and have a gastric bypass surgery done. However, her friend, David from one of the Medical Center in Nairobi, seeing how Jedidah was suffering, recommended that she visits Holistic Living Clinic foe Medical Weight Loss.

The thing with Jedidah is that she didn’t believe that such advanced procedures would be available here in Kenya. She also doubted the competence of Kenyan doctors to do a good job.

Jedidah, through advice she received at Holistic Living, decided to have a Gastric Sleeve Procedure. Two weeks after the Bariatric Surgery Jedidah had already lost 6kgs. Within a month she lost another 9kgs.

With every Kilogram she lost the pain in her back subsided. She then stopped using her crutches.

Jedidah is now happy. Right now the only trouble she has is so many friends asking what she did to realise such weight loss.

Jedidah’s story is a reminder to us Kenyans who are skeptical about our own institutions that you really don’t have to travel overseas for treatment.

Obesity treatment is available in Kenya. Call us, message us, and send us an email… or just come over to our offices at Fifth Avenue Office Suite, Ngong Road.