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Obesity Africa 2017

Obesity Africa conference, a pan-African platform will bring together 400 healthcare professionals, healthy living providers and other specialties in the area of overweight and obesity to educate on and discuss the increasingly prevalent health related effects of obesity, their impact on the continent, and measures to curtail the epidemic. The forum will involve various medical specialties. Some of […]

Negative Impact of Obesity

Weight Loss Surgery and the gift of Motherhood Mother’s Day is not too far away and many are gearing up to celebrate mothers and all the important women in their lives who are mothers-in-waiting or fill this special gap in the lives of others.  However, there is a select group of women who struggle in […]

The Dangers of Junk Food Addiction

In the Daily Nation newspaper of 28th April, 2017, Holistic Living’s Dr. Lyudmyla Shchukina had a brilliant opportunity to educate the youth and public on the dangers of junk food.   The article raises the concern of the growing number of fast food outlets in urban areas and the falling prices of their foods so that […]

Gastric Band for Effective Weight Loss

Healthy living is all about what you do, consistently, in your day to day life. We talked about exercise, about how our bodies were created for motion, and how good moving feels. That some form of motion is necessary for our health is a truth, but what if you’re already on the other side? The […]