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The Largest Cities :

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city in Kenya with a population of 2,750,547 people. Both contemporary and historic Nairobi is considered to be a cultural and financial center of Kenya.Home to thousands of Kenyan businesses and over 100 major international companies and organisations, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), Nairobi is an established hub for business and culture.

Mombasa is the second – largest city in Kenya with a population of about 799, 668 people. A regional cultural and economic hub, Mombasa has an extra-large port and an international airport, and is an important regional tourism center. Located on the East coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County and the former Coast Province, Mombasa’s situation on the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading center and it has been controlled by many countries because of its strategic location.

Nakuru is the third – largest urban center in the country and home to Lake Nakuru, a prominent spot to watch flamingos. The population is around 259, 903 here with a sizable number of Indian origin families. Menengai Crater, the world’s second – largest surviving volcano, and Hyrax Hill, a well-known prehistoric site, are easily accessible from Nakuru. The city is also known as an important educational center.

Eldoret is the fastest growing city in Kenya, and currently the fourth – largest by population of 218, 446. It is located south of Cherangani Hills at an elevation of around 2,350 feet above sea level. The climate stays relatively cool here throughout the year, and hence it is well suited for carrying out agricultural activities. The city is known for its cheese factories and other industries. The airport in this city is said to be the best in the country.

Kisumu is the fifth – largest city of Kenya with a population of 216, 479 people. It’s a port city and a prominent trading hub located on the west side of the country. Known for its agriculture goods and hotels, the city also has other significant places of interest such as Kibuye Market, Kisumu Museum, Hippo Point and Ndere Island National Park. The city is in limelight these days as current U.S. President Barrack Obama’s father hails from a village close to this city.

Sightseeing in Nairobi:

The Giraffe Centre

Situated in Lang’ata, breeds the endangered Rothschild Giraffe and has conservation/education programs for visitors. Warthogs also wander the grounds of the gardens while visitors can feed giraffes by hand and even get a kiss (their tongues can get up to 20″ long and are antiseptic).

Nairobi National Museum

The Museum aims to interpret Kenya’s rich heritage and offers a one stop for visitors to sample the country’s rich heritage both for education and leisure. In addition to the museum, visitors are treated to a variety of shopping and dining facilities, as well as botanical gardens that offer a serene environment.
The museum is open on all 356 days throughout the year from 0830hrs -17300hrs.Nairobi National Museum is located at the Museum Hill, approximately 10 minutes’ drive from the Nairobi city center accessible both by public and private means. Built in 1929, this is the flagship museum for the National Museums of Kenya, housing celebrated collections of Kenya’s History, Nature, Culture and Contemporary Art.

Uhuru Gardens

The Uhuru Gardens were built in remembrance of the struggle for independence, which Kenya was granted in 1963. The monument is a 24-m (79 ft.) high triumphal column supporting a pair of clasped hands and the dove of peace, high over a statue of freedom fighter raising the flag. The monument is surrounded by fountains and lush-landscaped gardens.

The US Embassy Memorial Site

Situated in the City Centre is a monument to the victims of the tragic Nairobi Embassy Bombings in 1998. Today, the serene park with galleries and inscriptions of the victims’ names is a place where visitors come to learn about Kenya, its history and culture.