Holistic Living specialises in a holistic approach in managing obesity, either surgical or non-surgical

Holistic Living is the first weight loss clinic to provide a surgical approach of tackling obesity in East Africa. We are committed to providing the same services as other centers around the world, bringing weight loss programs near you, in East Africans’ back yards!

We are set apart from other weight loss initiatives in the area through our extensive years of experience and our drive to tackle the Global Obesity Epidemic in East Africa.

The Team

Dr. Vladimir Shchukin works as our General and Bariatric Surgeon, and is an active participant in new findings and procedures in this field. He is also highly trained in treating back pain and sports injuries, and has treated many Kenyan athletes across his 25 years working in Kenya.

Dr. Lyudmila Shchukina works as our General Practitioner and is a specialist in Psychotherapeutic methods in the correction of eating habits and is very passionate about educating Kenyans about the dangers of Obesity.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Holistic Living is the only weight-loss clinic that focuses on bringing together the mind, body and spirit in order to create long-term and lasting weight loss, most uniquely by treating Obesity on the psychological level.

We focus on a preventative and holistic-integrated approach (psychotherapy) that has proven to be the best non-surgical weight loss procedure! It has been developed through the cooperation of doctors from Europe and the USA. We also offer the temporary and non-invasive, non-surgical weight loss Gastric Balloon procedure.

Surgical Weight Loss

Surgery for morbid obesity (Bariatric surgery) has helped people lose more weight than any other method in existence, and is very effective in maintaining that weight loss! It can dramatically improve the quality of life, as well as treat other medical conditions associated with obesity, such as diabetes, stroke, cholesterol, heart disease, joint problems and many more.

We offer the best and most quality weight loss procedures in Kenya and Africa with a range of surgeries. These including the Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass, allowing us to select the surgery most suited to each patient.

Digestive System Detox

Detoxification of the body is the cleansing of the whole digestive system through Oral Irrigation in order to eliminate toxins and allergens from the body.

In our practice, we offer detox in Kenya and East Africa for the sick, as well as the healthy in a preventative holistic approach for people who care about their physical and psychological health.

Back Pain

We use a conservative back pain treatment by Chiropractic manipulations of the vertebral disks. This procedure is painless and targets areas of pain in an efficient, precise manner. Our back pain doctors centered in Kenya are highly trained and strive for the best.


Holistic Living has been completely transformational in my life, both physically and emotionally. My weight loss has improved my self confidence and motivation and I have a very positive image of myself and my whole family and we are all very happy.

Ms. R. ThomasAged 23

I had the Gastric Band done. It was completely painless and I got back to work in less than a week. I lost over 30kg within the first 5 months. Am very satisfied.

Ms. Faridah M.Aged 66