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    Gastric Bypass is the most common laparoscopic weight loss procedure performed worldwide. It is the Gold Standard of Weight Loss Surgery and it has a proven track record in achieving a sustainable weight loss.

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Sharon’s Weight Loss Success Story

It is often believed that overweight people are lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated and good for nothing. This is simply not true. Sharon had been struggling with her weight since she was in high school.

Weight Loss Success – Jedidah’s Journey

When Jedidah came to Holistic Living she had been struggling with weight for 9 years. It never occurred to her that her health was dwindling. She had been a big girl since her childhood years.A while back Jedidah began experiencing back pains.

Weight Loss Success After Gastric Balloon Procedure

I have been struggling with weight for a long time and because of my weight I developed Diabetes. I could not move with ease and I had become dependent on Insulin Injections. My sugar levels moved to 29 and could only reduce to 17 being the lowest.

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Getting surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it was worth every shilling! I can’t believe how amazing I felt the days after surgery, and the two years following it. I feel 30 years younger and am at the prime of my life! I can walk the whole of Uhuru Highway without pain or getting out of breath. Dr. Shchukina is only a call or email away and is very prompt with her help and response.

The Team

Dr. Vladimir Shchukin and Dr. Lyudmila Shchukina are the founders and medical practitioners behind Holistic Living:

Dr. Vladimir Shchukin is a Bariatric, General, Laparoscopic Surgeon with over 30 years of experience in medicine, and is an active participant in new findings and procedures in this field. He practices with world standard Bariatric (weight loss) procedures developed in the US, Sweden, Belgium and Israel.

His main areas of specialization are bariatric, abdominal (open and laparoscopic), and thyroid surgery.

He has performed over 1,500 successful bariatric surgeries.

Dr. Lyudmila Shchukina is a Family Physician, who has been practicing medicine in Kenya for the past 20 years. She is the co-founder of Holistic Living and the East African Bariatric Center, Nairobi.

She has a strong interest and passion for obesity treatment and prophylaxis and uses a unique approach of targeting multiple root factors of obesity: psychological, social, metabolic, anatomical and environmental.

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